Healthy Meal Plans

Healthy meal plans will help support your goal of gradually changing your lifestyle to build healthy eating patterns. There are many advantages to create a weekly meal plan in advance. Alternately, you can get a copy of our 30 Healthy Meal Plan Pack for ready-made meal plans that will save you time and effort. These plans include a month’s worth of recipes, with nutrition information covering 5 meals per day. A shopping list is also included for each week, so you can stock up your pantry and prepare your meals in advance. Like the meal plan below, these plans detail the calorie count, fibre and saturated fat content, as well as the weight watcher points value of each meal. Each plan also comes with complete recipe details.

Weekly Meal Plan

To help you get started with your own meal planning, you can use the healthy meal plan provided below. For a list of snacks, see the Healthy Snacks page. Try to have 2 snacks a day, in between your main meals. A snack at mid morning, and one in the afternoon should keep you from getting hungry. However, remember to count the snack calories and add it to your daily total!


healthy meal plans Monday Meal Plan
Meal Description Serve Cals Fat Points
Breakfast High fiber cereal with low fat milk and 1 banana 30g 309 0.3g 5
Lunch Chicken and Avocado Sushi 100g 200 1g 4
Dinner Beef Massaman Curry 1 serve 500 5g 10

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Note: Calories, Saturated Fats and Weight Watchers Points are on a per serving basis and these meal plans are suitable for use as weight watchers meals.

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