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This program is completely ridiculous. They make you come into the center 3 times per week to do a weigh in. These weigh in's are stupid because they do not give you a total body composition (including your muscle mass, water mass, fat mass, etc.) This program is meant for people who do not work out at all because if you do work out and you are gaining muscle mass, it does not show on the scale. If anything, it discourages you when you see the numbers increasing. The people who work for LA weight loss may have lost a significant amount of weight, but how many of these workers have abs, or a toned body? NONE. The reason being is they believe the program works without diet, yes this may be true, but do you really want to loose all this weight and have a flabby untoned body? When I was on the program I had a personal trainer, who LA weight loss discouraged because it was technically not needed. Well since I STOPPED this garbage of a program, I have lost the weight and feel greater, because of my trainer.

The cost of this program is another reason it is ridiculous. They con you into signing up for $900 for a year. Then you later find out the "LA LITES" are part of the program which cost you another arm and leg!! They sucker you into joining, and then you end up spending more useless money. The LA weight loss bars may taste good, but I strongly advise you to read the ingredients. The first ingredient is corn syrup. Enough said. It is like you're eating chocolate covered granola bars, no wonder they taste good but definitely not good for you, with only 8 grams of protein per bar, you are way better off eating some real lean protein and not this sugar coated candy bar.

DO NOT buy their take off juice or plateau breakers. Once again, more things they try to sell you that are also expensive.

Overall, I do not recommend this program to anyone. Eat healthy and work out, that is the only solution to long term weight loss, and a bonus of being fit and toned.

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