Healthy Foods To Eat


Eating a wide range of the healthiest foods contributes to disease prevention and longevity. Healthy foods are an important part of our diet, as the food we eat affects our health and shapes our bodies. This healthy food list includes healthy nutritious snack foods which you should include as part of a healthy diet plan to keep in top form.

Healthy Food List

Trying to pick nutritious foods for your family can be overwhelming due to the large variety available at the stores. To help you choose, we have prepared a healthy food list of the healthiest foods available from each section of your grocery store. We are what we eat! Healthy food choices are essential in preventing diseases, giving us the right energy, maintaining our weight and for overall wellbeing. Choosing nutritious foods is a lifetime health investment for you and your family.
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Among those foods classed as healthy foods, are those that are extremely rich in nutrients, and have a remarkable effect on your health. These healthy foods are known as Superfoods. Super foods are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols and protect the body against the harmful effects of free radicals that damage cells and contribute to the ageing process.
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Healthy Snacks

To maintain a healthy weight you have to eat regularly and never go hungry. Healthy snacks are an important part of any diet. However, to be of benefit, snacks have to be low in calories and high in nutrients. Aim to support your diet with 2 healthy snacks a day. One at mid-morning and one in the afternoon. Fruit, high fibre and wholegrain foods, as well as low fat dairy foods are excellent choices of healthy food for between meal snacks.
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Healthy Spices

Spices add delicious flavour and aroma to food, and are primarily used to enhance the taste of food. If you are looking to change your eating habits to include more low fat, high fibre food and less salt, try cooking with healthy spices to compensate for flavour. In addtion, spices are high in antioxidants and therefore have many potential health benefits, including cancer and cardio-vascular disease prevention, as well as having anti-ageing properties.
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Healthy Breakfast Foods

Eating healthy foods is critical to managing your weight and starting the day with a good breakfast is one of the best things you can do to start the day with an energised mind and body. Healthy breakfast foods will keep your blood sugar level stable until mid morning. Although traditional breakfast choices are usually high in fat and sugar, or have a high glycemic load, it is not hard to start the day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast.
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Sugar Substitutes

Artificial sweeteners are widely used today by diabetics and dieters alike, and a variety of products are available. But how safe are they to use? Some of the more common ones, such as Aspartame and Saccharin have been linked to cancer in animals, in laboratory experiments, but are still approved by the FDA for use in food and beverages.
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Stevia Sweetener

Stevia is a natural zero calorie sweetener that is considered safe and can help regulate blood sugar levels as it has a slower action than sugar. It is 250-300 times sweeter than sugar and is available in leaf, liquid or powdered forms.
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Heart Healthy Foods

There are many risk factors for heart disease, with LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and elevated homocysteine levels being among them. These all contribute to inflammation which has been shown to be a key risk. You can lower the risk, and even reverse heart disease by eating the right healthy foods, and with supplementation of particular vitamins and antioxidants.
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Food For Healthy Hair

The foods you eat are just as important as the products you use for healthy hair. A healthy hair diet should include healthy foods high in protein, zinc, calcium, and vitamins A, B and C.
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High Fiber Food Chart

Eating a high fiber diet is important for overall health and also for managing your weight. This listing of high fiber foods makes it easy to include a wide range of fiber rich healthy foods in your diet.
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Garlic Health Benefits

Garlic has many know medicinal benefits, and you can improve your cholesterol levels and reduce blood pressure by including this delicious herb in your cooking.
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Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds have been used for many years for a range of conditions from breast-feeding mothers who want to increase their milk supply to diabetics who take it to regulate their blood glucose levels. The questionis whether there is any scientific evidence that these remedies work…
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Chocolate For Health

Taking chocolate for health benefits is something that is strange to most of us. We’ve always been told that chocolate as a confectionary item is bad for us, however recent research shows that chocolate can be good for us…
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