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Healthy Cooking Methods For Healthy Eating

Using healthy cooking methods are really important when you decide to lead a healthier lifestyle, as we can transform many healthy foods into unhealthy meals by adding too much salt or overloading with fats when we cook. There are several preparation techniques that can be used that reduce the amount of fat in the meal. If you make the change, your tastebuds will adjust and in the long run you will manage your weight better and reap the health benefits of having more nutritious meals.


steamed-broccoli Steaming is an excellent cooking method as it does not destroy nutrients in the food during the cooking process. To steam food, you need to put it into a sieve-like container and place it above boiling water until it is lightly cooked. You can season the water for the aroma and flavour to infuse into the food.


stir-fry The stir-fry method has long been used in Asian cuisine as a way to retain the texture, colour and flavour of vegetables during cooking. As the food is not over-cooked, the nutrients are also preserved. The key is to use only a little cooking oil, and to first add a little water to the wok. This prevents the oil from becoming too hot and releasing acrylamides which are a by-product when oil is heated to very high temperatures. These substances are known toxins and carcinogens.


grilled-chicken Grilling can be done either outdoors on the BBQ, or indoors in an oven or griller. The food prepared this way is well-loved for its charcoal or smoke flavour and is a healthy low-fat way of cooking, although you need to take care not to char the food, as this can produce carcinogenic by products. It is best to grill food at lower temperatures.

Roasting and Baking

roast-turkey Baking and roasting can be another healthy cooking method if you restrict the amount of oil you use and lightly spray the food with olive oil instead. If you use a rack in the tray it allows the fat to drip off. Another technique you can use to limit the fat content is to baste with lemon juice or vinegar while cooking rather than the pan juices. It is also a good idea to separately roast vegetables so they do not get coated with the fat from the meat.


poached-eggs Similar to steaming, poaching is a healthy cooking method as the food is cooked in hot liquid that is not quite at boiling point. This gently cooks the food without altering the nutrients too much. It is a good way of cooking eggs, fish and fruit.

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The Dangers of Deep Fried Food

One of the worst methods of cooking is to deep-fry foods, as this produces trans-fats which can cause heart disease. In addition the food soaks up the fat and becomes laden with calories and this is really bad for your weight. Hot oil also results in toxins being released into the food. Use the healthy cooking methods outlined above instead for healthy living.

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Low Fat Cooking Tips

  • Do not deep fry food. Stir-fry, bake, or grill instead
  • Use non-stick cookware which eliminates the need for oil or fats
  • Do not add extra oil or fats to food when roasting, baking or grilling food
  • Use cooking oil sprays instead of oil or butter
  • Use less oil than the recipe calls for when making curries or casseroles
  • Choose healthy oils such as olive and canola oil in place of saturated fats such as butter
  • Substitute evaporated milk or low fat yoghurt for coconut milk and sour cream in recipes
  • Trim excess fat off meat cuts before cooking
  • Skim fat off stews, sauces and gravies during the cooking process
  • Drain fat drippings off after cooking, before serving the food
  • Cut back on cream, cream sauces and oily gravies when cooking

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