Healthy Breakfast Foods For A Healthy Diet

Eating healthy breakfast foods is critical to managing your weight. Starting the day with healthy foods that break down slowly helps to keep blood sugar levels steady. Unfortunately, traditional breakfast foods are usually too sugary, too fatty or have a high glycemic load (think about pancakes, donuts, breakfast bars, muffins, fried eggs and sausages. You get the idea!).These types of foods cause insulin spikes and cravings for more carbs later in the day.

10 Healthy Breakfast Foods

Here are some low fat healthy breakfast ideas to start your day with a healthy meal that will keep you energised. The most healthy breakfast foods are complex carbohydrates that break down slowly, and high protein food. These types of food will keep you feeling full at least until mid-morning.

Start Your Day With A Low Fat Healthy Breakfast

  • Have a healthy breakfast to replenish your body’s energy supply on waking up.
  • Keep your blood sugar levels stable with healthy breakfast foods.
  • Don’t skip breakfast, or you will end up binge eating during the day.
  • Instead of empty calories, have nutritious breakfast which includes proteins, low fat dairy, wholegrains, fruits and vegetables.
  • Low Glycemic Load carbohydrates for breakfast will break down into sugar slowly and will keep you satisfied until mid morning.
  • Protein for breakfast will keep your hunger at bay.
  • Make time for breakfast. Get up 15 minutes earlier – it’s well worth the effort!

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