Anti-Inflammatory Diet To Fight Silent Inflammation

An anti-inflammatory diet aims to reduce chronic inflammation in the body through dietary changes. This type of inflammation is also known as “silent inflammation”. One of the pioneers of the anti-inflammatory diet was Dr Andrew Weil. He designed a diet that reduces chronic inflammation in the body through dietary and lifestyle changes.

Silent Inflammation

It is now known that silent inflammation contributes to a wide range of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. It also affects the ageing process. Silent inflammation is different from acute inflammation which results in an immediate and obvious condition such as acne, arthritis or asthma. With silent inflammation, the body is silently attacked over time until a disease manifests. In this video, Dr Weil explains what silent inflammation is, and how it’s the underlying cause of many diseases. Examples given are inflammation of the arteries leading to heart disease, or inflammation of brain tissue leading to Alzheimers. An anti-inflammatory diet is designed to reduce this effect.

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